Poleaxe On The Ice EP

by Will Adlard

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Many thanks to Henry and Heather Scutt for letting me use Sulham to record the bones of this EP, and thanks also to Temple Lane Recording Studios and the folks at STC for giving me the skills to mix the blasted thing!

Thanks Mum and Dad and Al and Ellie and Ed and all you people who continue to help me along the way.





released April 26, 2015

Recorded between Sulham House, 51 Fashion Street, 71 Ranelagh Road, Quiet Sun Studios and Apollo Studios. Mixed at Quiet Sun Studios and Apollo Studios. All songs written, recorded and mixed by Will Adlard. Mastered by Fergal Davis.

All parts played by Will Adlard except the following: drums on "Somehow", "You Are A Dream Come True", "Made Out Of Stars" and "Poleaxe On The Ice" played by Ed Adlard, piano on "Poleaxe On The Ice" played by Bill Adlard, trombone on "Somehow" played by Alex Borwick.

Album artwork by Will Adlard and Al Hipple.

All website illustration & design by Al Hipple.



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Will Adlard Portland, Oregon

Born in London, goin' where I've never been before

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Track Name: In The Heart
[enter dream here]
Track Name: Somehow
Speaking through a telephone
To someone you don’t really know
Sometimes you look at me
So delicately

Wish I was an old Indian man
Riding through my father’s land
Nothing but the wind at my back
Nothing but the rain to drive me back

We moved in not 3 weeks ago
My darkness always makes a shadow

I feel just like I used to
When I was a child
Sitting on a school bus
Hoping I’ll survive ‘til we reach the gates

I don’t really think of her
Only when I’m feeling hurt
I don’t care what you do
Just don’t hurt me like I hurt you

The sun always shines in here
I promised I’d shed no tears
And I haven’t seen the rain
Since we left your home

What will you do with me?
I’m down here at your knees
And I feel like we’re equal now
But I can’t lift your shadows now
We’ll lift your shadows now
Let’s lift your shadows now
Babe, somehow
Track Name: Oh Heart That Beats
Oh heart that beats
I’m jealous of your need
I’m jealous of everything I can’t see

If I close my eyes
There’s a voice in my chest
Like a window half-open
Or a light under the door
And that light keeps me up
Past the dawn

If I hear it talk
Maybe it’ll stop
And I can carry on
Like I don’t know
But there’s nothing like the sound of the neighbours
To make you feel alone

Bring back both my roses
History, please change your mind
I’ve fallen flat faced
I feel I’ve left something behind
Maybe in the orchard
Maybe in the sea
But oh heart that beats
I’m jealous of your need
Track Name: I Remember, England
I remember sodden belfries
And laden music with the stars
Part hidden

Oh I remember song in the halls
And stone in the arches
And stained glass windows

I remember low smoke rising
And scarfed-necks shrinking
Cold hands a-holding

I remember deep river
Flowing and swans deep-diving

I remember tree house stomping
And garden singing
And tree-arm breaking

Oh I remember old house doorstep
Black and white checks
And one diamond broken

I remember
House-bell ringing
And door handle knocking
And grand piano stalking

Up the old carpet
To my bedroom
And fireplace stuffed
And letters to fathers

I remember kisses +
Crying late in the night
Up secretly drawing

Oh I remember
Pans and ovens
Warm Christmas cake fires
And birthday cakes icing

I remember
Long walks up the archway
And dancing was out of me
Forever and ever

Oh I remember spring whites
And grass nights and knolls
Where we’d lie out
In spite of the darkness

I remember
Friendship a-holding
Thick and fast sailing
A ship of no course-laid

I remember the first song
I wrote down
The first time I broke down
To friends looking awkward

I remember
Call for help my arm
Meant to be another
I’ll meet in some lifetime

Oh I remember
Market place blues
When the times got too
Old and all hearts were

I remember
Call me up sometime
Smoke in the graveyard
And sometimes a smile
Talking wildly of anything
You laid your mind suddenly
Upon the last thought that
You ever need thinking

Oh I remember
The last time I told them
To just leave you dreaming
No night-time awaking

I remember
Sweet England
I remember
Oh England
I remember
Track Name: You Are A Dream Come True
Sun is shining and I don’t know why
Slow train falling down through the sky
And I’d ask it what the time was
But I don’t know if it’d hear me

Come and listen to me cry
At slow train falling down through the sky
And I don’t know what to see
When you’re looking straight at me

In my heart I’ve got a box
Full of trees you’ll never see

Slow train falling down through the sky
Sun is shining and I wonder why
Why you ask me
For the time

It’s no wonder you sit and cry
With slow train falling down through the sky
You shoot the cracks down in the floor
Wishing you could be something more

Than you
Than you
Than you
Than you

Are a dream come true
You are a dream come true
You are a dream come true
You are a dream come through
Track Name: Made Out Of Stars
And the leaves on my face start to fall
And the sun disappears and I’m underground

All of my days
All of these days, lord
Held in your hands

Struggling through these woods
I’m lost to the outside
And it grows like spring roots
Deep in my heart, fading away

All of these hurts build up light
Build up like starlight
And burn my eyes
All of these woes
And I want to go back, lord
I want to go home
But I don’t know which way now

I'm just a boy
Made out of stars

You can never be in someone else’s body,
You can only be you

All of my days
Held in your arms
All of my dreams, lord
Held in your hands
All of my heartache
Left in your bedroom
All of my soul
Laid in your hands

I’m just a boy
Made out of stars
Track Name: Poleaxe On The Ice
I feel afraid for many a sea
Cracked inside of me
Like a poleaxe on the ice
And all the pinn’cles jutting forth
Pines and evergreens
On the grey tops lofty
I have but small sorrow
Trailing behind

Perhaps a smile or two
Some love, and now a golden door
And a broken ancestor
Brother, spare me your pained looks
It was not me, not my foot
That broke you to the crumbling core
Nothing but the swallows
And spiders here for company

So what to do
Now I have you
Against my will
Shattered and left nameless
Feel-less, harmless thing

I’m too ugly to hold you,
Too small to carry you.
Now I know why
The swallows are the friends of sailors
Friends of the alike
Distant, unliked

Dear old stone, I broke you
Trying to carry you here
I feel just like a poleaxe on this ice
Carver into holy joy
Breaker of crystal life